Wednesday, May 26


WOOOOOTT. WOOOOOTT !!! Another entry with another story ^.^ Hurmm. Just wanna share a lil bit bout what I’m feeling now. For sure, rite now : bored !! I got an unknown feeling. It will keep change and change without knowing why I keep feeling like this. Got such a messy mind. I dunno what I’m thinking rite now. Mybe this is bcause of I don’t do anything and get boring OR I just got to much thinking OR I’m a ngative thinker OR it’s my hobby to mess up my mind wit nonsense. Huuuuu.

My sembreak : A month left…,,

And I’m still not good enough to start a new semester. But it’s all my false. I’m ruining everything. Yaa. Now I realize that. Huh. You take such a long time to confess your mstake Dania. You are near enough wit what you dream for, but with ur attitude. Evrything destroy now :( No one can be blame for that, it’s by my own rsponsble. Now, once again, I’ve promise to myself, to change my bad attitude and strt it over again. And again, I’m promise that I wont make the sme mstake. InsyaAllah.

And I want to share a story of my sis with you all. Actually, ayong got some kidney’s problem. It hve been trace by the doctor on November 2009, last year. It’s supposed to be just okay until doctor stops her from taking a medicine about 1week. Then, her body strt swelled. She has to drink a lot of wter, but when she done that, her body will swell. Her life is dpend on her medicine. That medicine got a steroid and that’s make my family and I bcome more worried bout her. We try to find others solution to cure her kidney’s problem. Mama rlly worried bout her. I can see that. She cant ever sleep at the night and keep thinking bout ayong. And ayong always try to look happy like she just got no problem. But she cant hide that, her face, she looked weak and sicked. She bcmes too skinny. I rlly hope evrythng gonna be alright. I gonna keep pray to Allah swt to recovered ayong illness. I love her so much !! Everyone love her. She’s the best sister I ever  had. 

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