Wednesday, July 7

sayang kamoo BFF !!


hello there !

post kli nieyh d'tjukan special for my dear DESRINA :)
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY k bncit ku.
hmpir hmpir t'lupe nk wish.
sowie sgt.sgt.sgt syg ku.
i'm just got to busy tday.
arround the world for nthng. huhuk.
and lst nite i've lost my mood and go to bed early.
that's why my head bcme blank bout ur brthday.
maaf kn sye ye bncit ??
wuuuuu :(
anyway, sye promise xkn lupe lg.

hope kamoo happy happy sntiase k.
adiah akn mnyusul kmudian.
* text me your addrss ! (umah swe)

my birthday girl !
* the girl wit the prple theme. heee..

syg.. please tke cre of urself k ?!!
alwys loving u BFF 


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