Wednesday, April 6

flying like a cute little dove

Assalamualaikum and Hello dear peeps ,

I'm back from the busy world of test and study. ouh. feel so heaven for a minute I think, because there are more assignment and project waiting for me next week -___-
by the way, just forget about that things and I have to enjoy every second of this precious time. I've just been for my MUET speaking test. hurrmm. not so good but okay la. (boleh la dapat Ben10. ngehehe) and now it seem like I really dont know what to do. Because I can feel the overloaded of the free time right now ;) ohmygod ohmygod. And I have such an impatience feeling waiting for this weekend. 11th April 2011 is the date of my very first anniversary with Aminnuddin bin Lockman. We have planned that maybe we'll celebrate our anniversary at Mersing. We gonna celebrate it one day early than that date, we have class on Monday (spoil). Why Mersing ? Just try to find something new and wanna have some fun there and be rid of stress. I've doing some survey by the internet and asking Titin about the best part of Mersing (she's been there with her family and I really dont know anything about Mersing -__-), yeaahh Mersing seem so lovely. Cant wait to be there and and and I want to go to the seafood restaurant and eat a lotlot of seafood (prawn only kot. idonteatfish. and have some crabs maybe). NYUM !

At the end, I hope everything goes smoothly as expected and we'll did not get a wrong way to Mersing. Amin.
(guided by the map that I got from Google)


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